Delta faucets has been named WaterSense partner of 2011, and Delta company is taking seriously its responsibilities within this partnership. Higher efficiency with less water, actually, higher user satisfaction going hand in hand with thoughtful and sparing attitude towards the most precious of nature resources – water, is being implemented in its products.

Delta Faucets take pride in their water efficient kitchen faucets that are capable of maintaining the same pressure with less amount of water. Touch2O™ technology that enables the user to effortlessly switch off the flow of the water when it is not needed. Multi-Flow™ allows quick and easy switching from stream to spray thus saving even more water.

Delta uses environment concerned manufacturing process, and their faucets help people to use water in smarter and more responsible ways.

Delta kitchen faucets are available in many styles and finishes. They are reasonably priced, serve well and blend beautifully with nearly any kitchen décor.

What other functionality is there that Delta offers with their kitchen faucets?

The most popular Delta kitchen faucets come with pull-down technology that allows you to pull out the wand and reach any point in the sink with direct stream of water. A button that toggles stream to spray is conveniently located on the spray wand.

The MagnaTite® docking with strong built in magnets both in the spray wand itself and in the spout dock pull the wand back in its place and hold it there with precision. It makes the coupling look streamlined and visually non-suggestive of it being detachable.

The touch sensitive Delta kitchen faucets with Touch2O™ technology not only help you to save water but also make the kitchen work easier and more enjoyable since you don’t have to touch the handle with messy hands when you need to turn the faucet on or off. It is also very helpful when there are small children in the family since the touch activation makes the faucet easier available for them when they need to drink or wash their hands.

Apart of that, there are many features that are not directly visible on the surface. The advanced valve technology using valves with diamond coated surface makes the faucet last ten times longer than industry standard. The hose movement inside the faucet body is made practically frictionless. The surface of the faucets is made scratch and stain resistant, and even fingerprints won’t stay.